January 3rd 2023:

Mikko Suominen
Freelance Science Journalist

Welcome to my pages!

My main area of expertise is general space engineering, space technology and history of spaceflight. I also write about astronomy, which has been my hobby for more than 20 years.

I live in Ivalo, Finland and work mainly for the Finnish Tähdet ja avaruus [Stars and Space] magazine of the Ursa Astronomical Association. I also write to other magazines and newspapers on more random basis.

My company Taivo Productions Oy does Science Communications in many different forms, for example through planetarium shows.

In my freetime I am busy with a large number of different hobbies, many of them related to the nature.

My contact information:
Post address: Mikko Suominen, Kirkkokuja 14 as 3, 99800 Ivalo, Finland
Mobile: +358 50 5963912